Gamebrain 7.3 May Release Notes

As the Gamebrain development gathers pace, we’ll be posting about our regular release notes here, on our blog.

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How does it work?
You can now play and create Gamebrains in 13 additional languages:

Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Danish, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

In the app, change the language using the language toggle button found in the Menu. All app buttons, prompts and messages will be changed to the selected language.

In the LMS, navigate to the Advanced Settings tab of the Gamebrain activity to change the language.

Who can use it?
Users can change the language in the App and Administrators can set the language in the LMS.



We’ve given the app a good polish and improved a lot of the different transitions between areas of the app. You might also even notice some buttons shining at you!

How does it work?
Within the Gamebrain app you’ll notice more graphical effects when tapping buttons and changing between screens.

Who can use it?
Everyone! This improvement is available to every user of the Gamebrain app.



You can now report on the responses to your Gamebrain questions within the LMS, giving you greater insight into the effectiveness of your questions.

How does it work?
Create a new report or edit an existing one in the Reports area of the LMS. We recommend using the Assessment Attempt default report which will now return Gamebrain activities as well as standard Assessments.

Who can use it?
Super Administrators, Administrators and Report Administrators are able to create new reports and edit existing ones.


What is Gamebrain?

Gamebrain is an iOS and Android native gamification app. Content is managed using the Access LMS (Learning Management System)

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